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Funding sources and studentships are available for prospective students to help with course fees and living expenses.


Supported by funding from the Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences, we are seeking to appoint an outstanding postdoc to develop an integrated robotic system for improved prostate cancer treatment under Magnetic Resonance Imaging-guided focal laser ablation.

Applications are invited for PhD students to develop a highly integrated robotic system to enable minimally invasive procedures in the spine. Applications include treating degenerative disc disease, lower back pain, lower extremity pain, neuropathic pain and cord injuries, etc.

Applications are invited for PhD students to develop and validate a cost-effective, easy-to-use and fully integrated navigation system for smart catheter procedures during image-guided cancer diagnosis and treatment. Image-guided catherisation has large clinical impact in modern interventional radiology and oncology.

Applications are invited for PhD students to develop an integrated robotic system for improved prostate cancer treatment under image-guided treatment. Prostate cancer accounts for 26% of all new cancer cases in males in the country, which is the second leading cause of death from cancer in men.


Our lab supports experiential learning opportunities for outstanding undergraduate students across campus to actively participate in faculty-mentored research. Prospective students must email his/her CVs and relevant documents to Prof. Tse.


We are seeking to engage medical students to join our lab. Projects can be over summer/throughout the academic year. Students are encouraged to contact Prof. Tse before applying.


QMUL covers multidisciplinary research and teaching in bioengineering, bringing together a critical mass of researchers within the School of Engineering and Materials Science. The specific strategy of the group is to produce solutions to clinically relevant problems. These clinical solutions may be in the form of novel biomaterials, medical devices, implants or diagnostic systems.

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